Add attachments / pictures to Problem Description

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When you are on Step 2 - Problem Description, can we get it so the client can add attachments and insert pictures/screenshots to the message when sending us a ticket?

eg. Clients often have questions about a report, or want us to check if something is setup correctly, so when they email they attach the report or insert a screenshot of their setup for us to look at.

Sometimes it is a separate device that is having an issue so they also send in photos of it.

Thank you for such a great product!



  • We have finalized the feature list that we want to hit before we hit release, but we have been working on some GUI redesigns for early post-release. I will bring this up with the team tomorrow. I think it's a good idea. We have a daily fight over what should go into the GUI because we think it's important to keep it simple and streamlined. If our GUI designer can work this into one of the mock-ups we will see what it looks like.

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