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Overtime, we have gotten some great questions from all of you. It's enabled us to make this list that will hopefully help any new user that joins our community. If you have any additional questions, or have some suggestions to add to the list, as always, we'd be happy to assist and would greatly appreciate it.

  • What is the difference between Tier 2 Technologies and Helpdesk Buttons?
    • Tier 2 Technologies, aka Tier 2 Tech, is our parent company and Helpdesk Buttons is our software. 
  • What about security and compliance?
    • We are HIPAA compliant, we'll sign a BAA if a client uses their own S3 bucket, and we are currently being reviewed for GDPR.
    • Security has been a major focus of this project from early on. We wanted to give our partners all of the tools they needed to keep their client data secure and compliant. This includes the ability to host data directly in your own amazon bucket, long term retention features, 2-factor authentication, auditing, and reporting. Additionally, you will have the ability to customize the text on the client and customize what the client uploads. The local client only keeps a few screens worth of data, this is stored directly in memory and never written to the disk. Once the button is triggered, the upload is encrypted end to end.
    • You can keep up with all our newest security and feature updates in the News and Release section of the forum. For a truly in-depth look, you can read our Security & Compliance page on our website.
  • Can we use the software without the button?
    • Absolutely! You can assign the software to your F1-F11 keys or use the desktop icon. However, we recommend using buttons for several reasons. First, it will let the user get a screenshot of the issue without having to close it in order to click the desktop icon. Also, the button is a much lower barrier to entry than having to know which key to click to submit a ticket. They can also function as a USB hub and a place to put your brand.
  • Is this something where every unit needs a button? Or can we deploy just one button to install software on every computer?
    • You can pre-program a button with your build and ship it out to all your clients. From there, simply have them do a long press to install Helpdesk Buttons. This makes it ridiculously easy to onboard a whole company without any travel involved at all!
  • How is this billed?
    • We use an escrow system to bill you daily for each active endpoint you have. Each endpoint can cost as low as 38¢ per month, and inactive endpoints are rolled off after 90 days. You can read more about it in our docs.
  • Where do I purchase buttons?
    • Once you have created a Helpdesk Buttons account, there is an option under "Order Buttons" to purchase them directly through our online store; although our Welcome Packs have to be order through a Tier 2 Tech representative.
  • How long will it take for me to receive my button order?
    • It will typically take 4-6 weeks to manufacture and ship customized buttons. If we happen to get behind schedule, we will let you know as soon as we know. We are hoping to ramp up production soon after the beta. We believe we can get this time down to roughly 10 days in the future.
  • Are there orders smaller than 100?
    • Yes! The Welcome Pack 3 has 10 basic buttons along with whiteglove onboarding, and Welcome Pack 6 has all that in addition to 10 basic hub buttons.
  • Where can I request a button to try?
    • After you register, we follow up to help you set up your account. We’ll be sure to ask if you’d like a sample box to be sent to you. You’re also always welcome to ask and emailing us is also an option.
  • What happens if someone hits the button over and over? Or accidentally?
    • Hitting the button will send an alert, "ticket not yet submitted," to the dashboard but it won't drop a ticket into your system until the user has actually filled out the form and hit submit. But if someone is just hammering away at the button, you should probably give them a call; they might not be happy.
  • How is the software installed?
    • The button has a "long click" option which will take you directly to the download. Additionally, under "software builds" in your account, you will be able to customize your package in the portal and download MSIs that you can push out with a GPO or your RMM tool. The software also checks for a new payload every time the button is pressed. We have auto-updates enabled, too.
  • Can I self-host this?
    • The platform is built on Amazon's Lambda stack, so it is not very portable. However, we have the ability to set this up so that all ticket data is retained in your own Amazon AWS bucket.
  • What if there's no network connection?
    • If a ticket can't be submitted successfully, then an error message page will pop up with a QR code that lets the users submit the ticket via their smartphone. It'll still include all of the information submitted through the ticket form, along with some network diagnostics, to help you further resolve your end-users' problems without direct access to their computer.
  • Can you help me integrate (PSA)?
    • We have guides here for our currently integrated PSAs. If you encounter any issues with integration, please submit a ticket on here in forums, or feel free to email or call us.
  • Which integrations do you support?
    • We currently support email connectors, along with: Autotask, ConnectWise Manage, Freshdesk/Freshservice, osTicket, Syncro/Repairshopr, Zendesk, Kaseya BMS, ServiceNow, Accelo, and are looking to support every major platform within a few months of launch.
  • Can I request (a PSA) be integrated?
    • You most certainly can! We love hearing any feedback you may have and will do our best to add highly requested features to our roadmap, (which you can view here.)
  • Do you service only in America? If not, what international support is currently available?
    • We now are offering service in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, as well as regions like Puerto Rico. We’d love to expand to more than primarily English-speaking regions, as well as offering various language support eventually, though.
  • How does the remote access work and can it just be turned off?
    • The remote access is built on Apache Guacamole and is entirely html5 based. It’s only active for 60 minutes and only if the end-user consents. It can be accessed through a link in the report. Yes, it can be disabled under settings. If you'd like to talk more in-depth about this feature, feel free to hit us up here on the forums and talk to one of our devs.
  • What are some of the advanced integration features/custom rules you support?
    • Depending on the PSA you have integrated, the options will vary a bit, but in general, we have an amazing amount of customization for fine-tuning your workflow, such as: custom rules for priority, status, subject, problem type, and more! For more details, you can read our docs, or feel free to ask your questions here on the forum.
  • What else can we customize?
    • Just about everything. The GUI is highly customizable, from branding and text, to radio buttons, etc. You can view all the customizable fields here. As mentioned, we have custom scripts as well, which you can read more about here.
  • Missing files & Antivirus
    • A commonly known error is missing files from antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall interactions with Helpdesk Buttons. Please whitelist our folder.
  • I accidentally put in wrong information for my sign up; can I fix/change my information?
    • Of course! Name, telephone number, email, and password can all be changed through your account settings. If you need to change your address, please click here instead.
  • We’re having issues receiving emails from you?
  • When did Tier 2 Tech launch? 
    • We launched on July 24th 2019. You can read the original Reddit post here!
  • What is the required icon/logo size for branding?
    • Icons need to be a png that’s exactly 256px x 256px, and logos need to a png that’s exactly 400px x 125px. More details can be read here.
  • Do you support Macs?
    • No. We may do this in the future depending on demand, but it requires a rewrite of a good portion of the code base.

As mentioned, if your question is not on here, or you have a suggestion for new additions, please feel free to comment!


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