Phone Number: Data Field


We have setup our Problem/Request page as such. For our request on method to contact, we have the following available options.

We do have the application tied to ConnectWise Manage PSA, so essentially it will naturally provide contact details, however, we would like to add a data field where users have to add their phone number as we sometimes have difficulty reaching users when they're consistently switching between office and remote. Is there way this could be accomplished?


  • Hey Pablo,

    We try to use the ticket system as the authority, but we understand that things are not going to be synced all of the time.

    We working on making each screen more easily editable and customizable via a web interface on our site. I am not exactly sure what options will be available when that is finished, but we can discuss adding and removing fields that map to data like business phone, cell phone, etc.

    Additionally we are considering an administrative/and or user option to force the page that shows up after this one to be shown even if the user is found in the ticket system.

    Currently this data is stored locally on the machine and it is used exclusively for cases where the ticket system either fails to respond or the ticket system responds with no knowledge of the contact.

    Let us know what you think


  • This is great, I would say definitely allow some ability to create rules when this account/contact detail form prompts, or perhaps have these data fields available within Step 2:

    And of course if they do submit this form, it overwrites the ticket system authority for the specified ticket, but that's not of precedence.

    Thanks for the update.

  • Hey Pablo,

    Building it unto tier2assists could be interesting. We will discuss it and, as always, we adjust our priorities based on the feedback we get.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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