Any best practice recommendations around deploying on an RD environment

Hi guys,

We are keen to deploy on a RD environment. Before we go off and do our own testing, just keen to see if anyone has experience / best practices already learned around the software inside an RD environment?




  • Just to round this out, looks like it works just fine.

  • Hey Christopher, thanks for circling back around on this! We're working on formalizing some best practices specifically for RD environments and glad it's working for you. Let us know if you need anything else as you test with it further: you can email us at [email protected].

  • Hi @Christopher Sale , could you let us know what worked and didn't?

    We are in a similar position (having now deployed lots more RD users because of the pandemic).

    I'm assuming you wanted to capture the users RD session diagnostics and not their local client?

    Did you just use the hotkey/icon or did you attempt USB passthrough of the button?

    We've a mix of user types (so in theory, might even want to be able to trap a hotkey for either the local client or the RD session) and it would be good to know what experience you had.

    Best regards, Darrin.

  • Hi @darrinsalt

    I'm a colleague of @Christopher Sale.

    At this point we're just using Hotkey/Icon within the RD environment as the trigger, which worked fine.

    The only issue we've experienced in deployment thus far is an issue with technical statistics gathering not working due to an Event ID 1008 Perflib error, though this is likely specific to the environment we're using the solution within and not the solution itself. (Something for us to troubleshoot when we get a moment.)

    Hope this helps,


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