Thank you for all you're doing for our communities! (Personal Note and Small Update)

Greetings, friends,

How are you faring through the last few weeks? 

I’ve spoken to a number of you over the phone, been active on our usual subreddits, and while I’m not an employee on the MSP-side of our company, I’ve watched our own team over the last week. Man, it’s hard to not be able to help them. Their ticket count is through the roof and their phones haven’t stopped ringing since 4pm two Fridays ago. Everything is a high priority right now, and I see their Discord channel in use all hours of the day. 

In all of that, I am so grateful for the work that our MSPs (yes, you!) do for our businesses and communities. I see the heart and care; the thankless and tireless hours you put in. I know that so many of you are pouring yourselves into your companies and clients amidst a time of uncertainty and exhaustion. So, please know I mean this sincerely and completely:

Thank you. 

I know that is small but please know that we see you, we're in it with you, and that we hope you’ve been able to find some peace in the chaos!

To help out, we’ve told our Account Managers to be mindful of calling anyone until our community of MSPs have had a chance to get on their feet and figure out our new normal for the time being.  We know that some of you have conversely found yourself with a little extra free time: we are still actively answering phone calls, setting up demos, and are available to help you set up your integrations and RMM deployments if you need any assistance, whatsoever. You can drop a note here or call us at 833-328-8866, and we’ll get you sorted.

In the meantime, please know that we’re doing what we can to support you and continue making an excellent product. So, here are a few updates for you to keep an eye on at this time! 

  1. We've changed our billing structure. You will receive an email about this, but the short version is we need to change the billing model over to a license-based approach. Now, when you purchase licenses from us, you can purchase them in increments of 25, which can be done from your billing page: Tangentially, we have also created a free tier of up to 25 endpoints. Everything is in flux right now and if our software can help you or a colleague of yours through this time of ramping up remote work and possibly servicing personal computers that you’re not in control of cradle-to-grave, we’re happy to offer our tools.
  2. Endpoint Selections + Plugin Tool are coming very soon. Grouping and tagging is actively in the works. With this advancement, we have the infrastructure for creating plug-ins and the ability to apply tools and actions to specific endpoints as well as in bulk on multiple endpoints of your choosing. Our intention is to open this up to the community so that you can create and distribute your own tools in addition to ones we’ve added. We hope you are excited about this development and enjoy using it!
  3. Account Portal Restructuring When you login to your account (which you can do at, you may notice a few things are different. In anticipation of our new tools page, we’ve gone ahead and started restructuring the navigation and pages. You’ll note the navigation now has several dropdowns, and we’ve split up Branding from Custom Scripts. No more do you have to upload your logo files in a clunky ZIP, just go to the branding page and click update, find your logo or icon PNGs, and you’re done! 
  4. Integration Updates. Atera, Accelo, Freshservice: all of these integrations are now available. We’ve been working through a few more updates and API clean-ups, so if you see something isn’t working as expected, please let us know so we can address it immediately.
  5. RMM Deployments and Custom RMM coding. Our goal has always been to create a product that is super flexible with whatever PSA or RMM you’re using. As such, we’ve created custom Batch and Powershell scripts to help you with deployment on any platform. However, it’s come to our attention that perhaps it would be helpful if we built the  deployment scripts out in the native RMM codes instead of Powershell. What are your thoughts on that? Let us know if that’s something you’d like to see and which RMM we should look at for you!
  6. ThreatLocker Built-In App. We have worked with the people over at ThreatLocker to make our software work out-of-the-box with their software. No need to whitelist our files individually anymore if you are using ThreatLocker.

That’s it! Will you drop us a line and let us know how you’re doing? I know that as we’ve grown over the last year, I don’t get to speak with all of you directly as much, but I spend time reviewing each of your accounts and interactions with our team -- it would bring us joy to know how you’re doing and if there is anything that we can do to help support you better in this time. Comment here, give us a call, or shoot me an email at my personal line, [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you.


El Copeland, COO and the rest of the T2T Fam

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