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Most of you are probably rolling your eyes at my novice oversights, but hopefully this will help someone. Don’t forget to do some standard housekeeping when deploying the button. Things to consider:

  • Whitelist the executable(s) in your antivirus control panel. Real time scanning, behavior monitoring, whatever your AVS vendor wants to call it. I saw a noticeable reduction in CPU usage associated with unnecessarily scanning this process.
  • Windows firewall. Follow their KB article describing the URLs needed if blocking outbound.
  • Web filter. In my case, Blue Coat. I needed to white list and disable SSL interception for the URLs mentioned in the firewall KB article.
  • Actually do the reboot. In my beta rollout, the keyboard binding didn’t enable until after a reboot. Given our userbase’s aversion to the 45 second reboot, this made me look silly in front of a few people.


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