Consolidated Screens

If there's anyway to reduce the number of screens/clicks for the end user, it would be really helpful. Maybe give the option to consolidate screens 1+2 or 2+3. Even better would be an option at the admin side to not display the Step 1 (Name/Email) if a user has already entered it previously. I'm sure there are applications where you'd need to re-enter, but if it's optional for the admin I can't see how it would hurt.

Side note - I'm really impressed with what you have so far. Very excited to get this into production.


  • We have plans to consolidate screens 1 and 2, This was a feature that I said "had to be in before we released" but that isn't how it's gone unfortunately! We do have some mock-ups on this though I will see if I can get Elizabeth to post them and you can let us know what you think.

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