ConnectWise - Option to Link Service Portal URL Directly to Newly Submitted Ticket

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With ConnectWise intergration customers, it would be mighty impressive if we were able to say that the URL presented after submission went directly to the ticket itself.

Your application lists the ConnectWise ticket number which is awesome!

Maybe if it could store it as a variable and add it to the URL?

I believe as a starting point it would look something like this but mine is obfuscated, "529220" is the ticket number variable which you already get back from a CW submission:

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  • The long term plan is to have a screen in the gui itself to show all of your open tickets and let you view or select any of them if you are submitting an additional request about an already existing ticket. I think this is probably a good temporary feature to get some functionality. I will talk this over with our integrations dev today.

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