Better handling of per client buttons

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I could quickly see having 200-300 buttons becoming very hard to follow in the current webpage.

Some way to select a button and associate it with a client, so even the ability to create clients in the portal. (advanced option would be syncing companies, location data from sources such as ConnectWise)

This could be collapsible per client/company to tidy things up when getting into the multiple of hundreds and see at a quick glance how many are at each client site.

This would also help with billing, we would then potentially see each group of buttons under the client name on the monthly bill?


Company A = 123 Buttons


Company B = 90 Buttons


Your Total Bill = $$$$$

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  • Something that should be on everyone's mind at this point (though, not on mine :-(. Lol)! On that note, I want to say that I remember seeing something like this on the roadmap Trello board, I think? Though, it has been a while since I've looked and don't have the time to go dig it out right now.

    But for sure, this should be a definate! At least a way to organize clients by location (or some other grouping).

    Thanks for putting this up, Ray @RTamplin.

  • We are looking at some RMM integrations down the road and this will be folded in when that happens, Something to allow you to deploy software per client and also remove software per client. Internally at our MSP we haven't found ourselves in need of this as we deploy it globally to all computers. Currently the endpoint will automatically drop off of the account after 90 days of no check-ins.

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