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The ability to control helpdeskbuttons via the command line would be hugely beneficial. This way, we could do things like autopopulate contact information for an endpoint, or enable/disable features, etc. For a use case, I could feed the endpoint with the contact information from Syncro based on the contact that is assigned to the asset. This could all be scripted in Powershell.


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    We do have command line options on the installer (see here). But I take it you mean on the executable? As for auto populating the contact info from Syncro, Could you expand on this more? We do use the email address provided to pull and attach the ticket to the correct syncro contact. And in v0.3.26 the email/name field is auto populated by what was entered last time. If you would be interested in editing what is auto populated by powershell, take a look at %appdata%\tier2tickets.json. That's where the auto-populate data is stored, and you could just drop your own data in that file.


  • Using that tier2tickets.json file would definitely do the trick for that use case, thank you. Question, if we had that pre-loaded before installing helpdeskbutton, would it be overwritten?

    You are correct, I am referring to the executable. I am really liking the potential for this, but I'm more inclined to control the launch of the app via our existing Syncro system tray icon. This just makes it easier for us to train our users to always use that. I have it setup now at one client so they can click on the system tray icon, choose Open Ticket, and that launches helpdeskbutton. Where I see value in having more control via command line is if we have additional scripts in the payload, we may want to only launch some or all of those scripts on a case-by-case basis. If we can control that via command line, we can script Syncro to have a couple of "Open Ticket" options. There may well be other scenarios too that I'm not currently thinking of.

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    if we had that pre-loaded before installing helpdeskbutton, would it be overwritten?

    No, it only gets created on first successful ticket post, and won't be overwritten if there

    Ok, I think I see what you mean. You want to be able to pass arguments to the installer that can then be passed to your custom scripts? I can see that being useful. And arguments to automatically populate some of the fields too, is that right? I agree. I will add that to our roadmap, which you can check out here:

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