2019-08-07 Update

●    The Autotask implementation is now live! Please report any issues with it or if you have trouble setting it up. We apologize for the false start on this. We thought it was ready at launch but had to go back to Autotask to have them enable it on their end. This is what betas are for, I guess. The guide for setting up the Sutotask integration is here

●    The Syncro Integration is now live! The guide for setting up the Syncro integration is here

●    Auto filling the GUI name and address field is now live on Dev. This was the most requested feature and we had a variety of input as to how it should be done, everything from pulling from outlook to AD to pulling from their PSA. For now, we just have it remembering what was last filled in as a compromise. We may revisit this as we tighten the integrations. You can try out this new feature in v0.3.26 on the builds page

●    MFA is being worked on now. This was something that was not finished before the beta went live. It should be available *soon* as in possibly this week.

●    Sub-accounts and restricted permissions are being worked on simultaneously with the MFA by the same dev and again will be available *soon* as in 2 to 3 weeks out. Keep in mind that in most use cases your technicians will not need to access the account page and ticket viewing can be restricted with the access restrictions tab.

●    About the remote desktop connection. The remote desktop connection scared a few people because we use VNC to make the initial outbound connection to hand over to the Apache Guacamole server. We had our own security concerns during implementation so set it up as follows: Non-admin users are not able to interact with the GUI of the VNC server and it is not listening for incoming connections. This makes it virtually impossible to exploit to gain remote access to the system. It's only there for reverse-VNC connections in which the software initiates a backward connection outward. The software will only do that if the user explicitly checks a box to allow it on the consent screen each time, and it only attempts the reverse connections for 60 minutes. We are also looking at allowing integrations with other remote access tools directly from the ticket link. The remote desktop is rough, was implemented recently and is not meant to replace your primary remote utility. It is just there as a backup for people who do not have their primary installed or functional of an endpoint for reason. Having said that, this is now an optional feature you can turn off in the accounts page. This feature is available in build v0.3.25+

●    Privacy and compliance concerns. Our current plan is to allow clients to host their data in their own Amazon AWS bucket and to also set their own preferred retention policies. We are in the process of building this out now and have a few clients signed up to help us trial this. Amazon signs B.A.A.’s and we will too if you are self-hosting your data. Additionally, we do already have access restrictions, SMS verification, and logging right now.  At release, all of these features and the LDAP integration will be rolled into a premium tier that is a bit more expensive, because frankly, it costs a lot more to set up, maintain, and operate. For current beta testers there will not be any additional expense we are committed to not changing your billing going forward as a thank you for helping us out with this.

●    Bug Fixes: We had some great feedback from lots of people in our issues repo

○    Fixed “Pressing enter goes to next screen” Thanks @masseym

○    Fixed “’Give … access for 60 minutes’ failure” Thanks @masseym



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