I cannot seem to get SyncroMSP integration working.

I am having some trouble with the SyncroMSP integration. I am getting an error that “Your request has not been submitted”.

I followed the instructions on the website for RepairShopr/SyncroMSP integration:

  1. Created a new customer called Helpdesk Buttons with the email address of [email protected]
  2. Created a contact for that user called Helpdesk Button with the same email address
  3. Created a portal user for that contact with the login name of [email protected] and a random password
  4. Entered my SyncroMSP API URL and API Key onto the helpdeskbutton.com website

I have also verified that my API URL works: https://{mydomain}.syncromsp.com/api/v1/customers?api_key={My API Key}.


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