Pre-Fill End User Information

Is there a way to customize the MSI so that we can specify a business name, number, etc. so that when the user activates the app they don't have to fill in as much information?


  • For what it's worth I was told on the Reddit discussion that this is only an issue with the email connector option. I am still waiting for Syncro integration so I can't confirm that.

  • This is true, with the integrations the product looks the client up by the email address and matches it against what is in the ticketing platform and doesn't request additional information. Also The Syncro integration should be live now if you want to give it a try.

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    Also, we now have a featire in the dev build, which is available for you to build now on your builds page, which saves all of the previously entered information, so that they only have to enter it once. Thank you for the feedback!

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