Drop Ship

If you guys drop shipped I'd be blasting these out to every customer that calls in.


  • Hey there, @Ryan C. Smith, love this energy, thank you! We've actually talked with a few partners about dropshipping and while technically, it's not outside of the realm of possibilities, it would be better suited for when we grow our team a little from a time and cost perspective.

    Specifically, our main hangups are

    (1) the logistics and quality assurance required to make sure that our partners have the marketing and branding aspect of the product that you require instead of sending generic hardware to customers without context and

    (2) cost: our goal is to offer a reliable product at a reasonable cost and our preliminary calculations suggest that custom programming and shipping individual or batched buttons at the quality we expect may not be feasible for most of our partners.

    That said, we'd love to hear your thoughts on what this should look like as we dream up our next iterations, here, or if you want to message us at sales@tier2.tech.

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