Tickets going into wrong Autotask Queue


We have tickets going into the wrong autotask queue. we originally renamed the queue, but then updated it in the configuration. but its now going to a completely different queue even though its correct in the settings.

Are we missing something?


  • Hey Raffi, We haven't heard anything about this happening specifically but would be happy to take a look at your instance and rules. You can reach out by phone at  (833) 328-8866  or email us at [email protected] so we can see which account to check out.

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    Hey Raffi,

    Just so you know:

    In case there is a problem found by the submission process, a list of errors is appended to the tickets internal note. We prioritized getting tickets to the PSA in most cases, but sometimes that means ignoring some settings. Make sure the defaults are set to exactly the text in Autotask, including white space and capitalization.


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