Updating the function key shortcut

Hi all,

I was wondering if there was a simple means of updating the default function key, or disabling/enabling the function key after install. We're envisioning scenarios where the default key may be important for use of certain client-specific software that would require it to be changed after deployment. Likewise, if a client that previously uses the function key and opts to get the button instead, it would be nice to be able to disable the function key after the buttons are installed without needing to uninstall & reinstall.




  • Hey Nick,

    The way we handle the function key is through the desktop shortcut.

    We chose to make the function keys the default since they don't require escape/special characters. Feel free to change these however would best fit your users.


  • And here I forgot shortcut keys on desktop icons were even a thing.

    Thanks for the help, Daryl!

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