Autotask Integration Missing some Required Items

The generation of tickets with the autotask integration is missing a couple of critical items (I feel anyway)

  • Would like the ability to customize the default queue new tickets are created in, or have it pull the system defaults (see point 3 below)
  • New Tickets are being created with no contract. They should be created with the Default Contract for that account
  • New Tickets should also use the System Defaults that are set in Incoming Email Processing under the Ticket section. There are system defaults in there for Status, Priority, Queue, Source, Issue Type, and Sub Issue Type


  • We have the default board set up for connectwise already and are trying to build it out to other systems now. I think we can clean the rest of this stuff up, I will show this request to our integrations dev to get his input. Would you be interested in a call where he can talk to you to discuss the implementation of this and make sure we are getting it right?

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