Community Driven PSA/Ticketing Integration: SupportPal

Hey fellow Helpdesk Button users!

I posted earlier requesting a SupportPal Integration but knowing that it could take some time depending on their development schedule I reached out to see if I could get and understanding of how the JSON Post function could be used and if the webhook endpoints where documented anywhere so I could build a make shift integration myself.

I want to start by saying how surprised I was at how willing they were to work with me and even spent at little over an hour spitballing different ideas which ultimately led to the idea of emulating an already integrated system's API Endpoints using SupportPals Plugin system. It was suggested to emulate the FreshDesk API endpoints as it requires the least amount of calls and verification to work properly.

It is still a work in progress and I have not actively written PHP in almost 15 years so it's pretty sloppy right now but I have completed a (mostly) functional POC. Some of the values are still hard coded as I need to create the settings page within SupportPal still but you are welcome to use and contribute to the code on GitHub

Time permitting I will finish the settings page and add install instruction within the next week. After that I am going to focus on cleaning up the code and using proper methodologies (still catching up on PHP lol)

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