This week has been crazy. We were not expecting the response we got on the Reddit MSP forum. We were hoping to have 10-20 users sign up and instead we had 500 from all over the world. We were hoping to build out documentation during this process and still have some time to clean some things up before too many people saw it but I guess that’s all out the window now and we are going at it full steam ahead. We will likely be closing the registration page soon. We are a small team, this is our first commercial development project. We are chewing through the requests as fast as we can. Our public facing road-map is here:

Here is whats going on:

Samples are shipping out! We shipped our first batch yesterday and another today. We are hoping to have 500+ boxes on the way out the door by Monday. We’ve reached out to additional manufacturing facilities to try to increase production to meet demand. We have the capacity to handle the orders we have gotten already but we expect many people are waiting to play with their samples before they order so we may get into a back-order situation right out of the gate.


We identified a problem with our registration that was causing some users to not be able to register with certain browser plugins enabled and that has been resolved. Additionally if you are located outside of the U.S. and fudged your shipping address or otherwise didn’t get a chance to enter it you can do so at this link: We have manually updated anyone who messaged us directly. New users that are outside of the U.S. should be able to register now directly. (We have only added a few primarily English speaking countries at this point but will continue to add more. )

Currently the Autotask integration is not functional. It works in our sandbox but is not working for others. This is 100% our fault and not on Autotask, but we do need to get them to make a change for us to fix it. In the meantime those folks can use the email connector to play with the software. We are hoping to get this fixed in the next few days with some phone calls. Autotask has been one of the standout best companies to work with on integrations and I think they should be able to get this sorted out for us quickly.

Our documentation on some of the integrations is lacking/missing or outdated, we are working through that now and it should be available soon. Our knowledge-base went up on Saturday and is getting fleshed out at and our links will be updated to that location hopefully this weekend.

Thanks Everyone

Again, we really appreciate all of the kind words and the encouragement. We are trying to respond back to messages as quickly as possible and handle all of the support requests as well. We were hoping to use tester input to build out some of the documentation so I apologize that there is still some guesswork in setting up the script payloads and integrations (although many people are up and running already). If you can’t get something to work please feel free to reach out to us directly at (833) 328-8866 or

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