Feedback: Improvements that would make user-experience related tickets more useful.

We're currently using Tier2Tickets / Helpdesk Buttons to facilitate users being able to report a recurring user-experience issue to us. Unfortunately, we've made the following observations that prevent us from really benefiting from the capabilities of the solution:

  1. Users are continuously failing to appropriately articulate their reports, instead deferring to vague summaries such as "The system is running slow" as opposed to "I attempted to open an email from John Doe in Outlook and it took 7 seconds to open." - This is likely the result of being unable to modify the "Describe your issue..." text to something that is more robust in educating the user about what information we need from them, in this instance, "Please tell us what were you attempting to do, what result were you expecting, what was the result you received instead. Remember to be specific!"
  2. The screenshot sequence feature does not record timestamps of the screenshots, making it hard to gauge time between user actions / events.

Hence, we think that Tier2Tickets/Helpdesk button would greatly benefit from implementation of the following improvements, particularly in user experience scenarios:

  1. Make the "Describe your issue..." text customizable, or consider implementing an instruction text pane on the problem report page.
  2. Timestamp every screenshot/action and be sure to include seconds or (Even better) seconds and microseconds in the timestamp.
  3. (Unrelated to user story) The implementation of an option to have screenshots taken at an interval, for when the issue might not be readily seen upon user actions but rather between them.



  • @Brett Hillebrand thank you, this is very good feedback! We have a few updates we'll be releasing for the GUI in the near future, I'll see if we can slide the first request in, specifically. Great catch.

    We also have a few things in the works for the Instant Replay feature, I'll take these suggestions back to the team and see what best aligns with our current plans, but these sound very doable.

    Thanks again, please don't hesitate to let us know if you see anything else you need.

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