How have you customized your checkboxes and radio buttons?

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One of our goals is for the Helpdesk Buttons software to be ready to work out-of-the-box, complete with best practices without customization if you don’t particularly want to tinker. As such, we’ve set up the selections to work with most MSP workflows: 


  • Connect to my computer ASAP.
  • Call me to discuss the issue. 
  • Schedule an on-site appointment.

Radio Set 1: How urgent is this submission?

  • It is a planned change or request.
  • Some job functions are impacted. 
  • ALL job functions are impacted.

Radio Set 2: How widespread is this issue?

  • This affects only me.
  • This affects multiple people.
  • This affects everyone here.

Taking apart these selections, the checkboxes allow the end-user to communicate their preference for how the technician should contact them. 

The radio sets, taken together, approximate the ITIL Priority Matrix, so you can back out the true severity of the issue by looking at the combination of selections in the body of the ticket submitted to your PSA. 

Taken a step further, with our Workflow Rules and Advanced Integrations, you can automatically customize the priority, assigned technician, or queue for the ticket in your PSA. We have sample Python code available to convert the combination of Radio Buttons as listed into high-priority tickets in the account portal as well as a further explained in our documentation if you’d like to try it out!

Some other use-cases we’ve seen for customizing these selections include: 

  • The type of request for partners who offer several types of services: e.g. telecommunications, web design, software programming (coupled with custom rules, these can assign the queue for the request!) 
  • Information on the problem’s general history, “this is a recurring issue,” “this problem is on a device other than the one i’m reporting from”

So what have you done with these custom selections? Have you used any Workflow Rules yet to make your life easier?  

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