MultiFactor Authentication for helpdeskbuttons site login

What is the status of implementing multi-factor authentication for the site login? Am I just missing it in a settings page somewhere?

The ability to upload custom payloads that are automatically deployed to clients through the web interface necessitates use of a 2FA/MFA solution prior to any deployment of the software. I'd even suggest requiring an additional input of the MFA code to upload or modify a payload.

If this is an in-progress solution, I'd like to gently encourage prioritizing Google Authenticator (and thus Authy) and Microsoft Authenticator before other third party options. On top of this, implementing additional IP and browser based security checks that require authorization by email or SMS texted code would be an additional useful hedge for security sake, similar to MS and Teamviewer if MFA is not configured.




  • Hi this is on our road-map currently. I am not sure if work has been started on it yet but we are fans of Google Authenticator and think there is a good chance that is what will end up implemented. You can see our road-map here. We hope to have the majority of this in place for our release candidate.

  • A simple 2FA that uses an authenticate app like Googles or Microsoft would be good and a quick start. Long term though I would like to OAuth integration with a AzureAD and GSuite but that's okay if it waits until after in my books.

  • Adding my vote for MFA. I would like either MS Authenticator or LastPass Authenticator, but I would be fine with Google.

  • We have a developer working to implement the google Authenticator now. This is going to be tied to employee sub-accounts with different levels of access also. I don't know how long this will end up taking but it is the active project on one of our devs desks.

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    This is implemented and live now. You can enable it on the settings page right under the password fields.

    Thank you for the suggestion.

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