October 2019 Updates

Happy October!


While our mailings have been less frequent, we’re still hard at work making meaningful updates to our platform and also conducting onboardings with many of you. 


If you haven’t signed up for one yet, we’d love to walk you through the major features of our product in addition to how to set up your PSA integration, white label the product with your marks, how to best deploy the product, and if you’re interested, set up your own AWS S3 Bucket for security and compliance. 

Updates for this month: 

  • Uploads: We have support now for arbitrary file uploads by custom scripts. This is useful for collecting and attaching diagnostic files from the computer to the report. Build 0.4.x or later is required for this to function.
  • Install: We have added documentation on triggering a custom script that run during install. This is useful for deploying your RMM software with the button MSI.
  • Account Portal Updates. See them in action: https://cloudup.com/i639mALtJnM 
  • Navigation Reorg: In talking with you all, we noticed what we had on the navigation was (a) painful to use with the hover settings and (b) not reflective of how you’d actually be using it. Now you can get to the Builds page and Settings Pages in a more sensical manner. 
  • Full Width Toggle: We personally like to use the Ticket Dashboard as a full width display (no navigation present) on a large-screen television in our central office. Use the yellow arrow to toggle the navigation on any page.
  • Customizable Radio Button Group Names: In the GUI, the titles of the radio button groups can now be edited.
  • Password Checkup Extension: The Google Password Checkup Chrome Extension was falsely flagging every submit on the account page as a weak password because we auto-populated it with dummy text (“xxxxxxxx”). This also caused issues with password managers. Now we just leave it blank to prevent that.
  • Contacting Us. We’ve updated our phone system to better accommodate our international clients for general inquiries and conference calls. We apologize for this oversight, but if you need to get in touch with us via phone, we’ve sorted this accordingly on the contact section of our docs: https://docs.tier2tickets.com/

What’s on Deck this month: 

  • Run as a system service with helper process.
  • Add "delete report" function with audit log.
  • Editable headers for radio buttons on Problem Description page.
  • PressView update reflecting additional data collected under “Tests for Report” List on trello (https://trello.com/b/wSlyA6vW/phase-2-roadmap) including print spooler status, Windows current build version, default browser, etc.  
  • OSTicket Integration is still in the works. Hopefully we’ll have a full release next update!

That’s it for now, thank you so much for all of your input, feedback, and ideas! As per usual, keep up with us in the following places: 

Until next time, 


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