Connectwise - Customize board ticket gets created on

Aside from the report link going into the main message (should go in the notes area so the client doesn't see the link), it seems that when using the CW integration, it is dumping the ticket into the incorrect service board.

Possibly a config issue on my end, but when a client emails support, it does get directed correctly to the right service board, so not sure where this is being defined within CW, as I have also locked down the API member I created to the correct, specific service board. Still going to the wrong service board though!

(my guess is there is a global default, and if you don't specify a board as part of the api call, it uses that, regardless of what the client / company in CW has set (I don't think there is a place to set a specific service board at the client org level).

On this note, more customization on how the ticket gets created in CW would be nice - formatting, internal / update area, where the data gathered from the app goes be it internal,


  • We have now made it so that the link goes to an internal note as you suggested. Whenever you create the API user, there is an option in connectwise to select the "default board" for that user, and that's where people have been setting it. I have seen it work for people, but it sounds like it's not working for you? What happens if you delete and re-create the user and select the board during creation, rather than changing it after, does that work?

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